Oversized coats, wide leg cropped pants, striped sweaters, the classic CHANEL flap bag, black and white patent leather heels, tweed jackets, embroidered leggings, belted wool cardigans, fine materials, vivid colors. A mixture of the best parts of CHANEL’s legacy and the most creative elements of Virginie Viard’s inspiration constitutes the CHANEL Cruise Collection 2019-2020, a collection willing to bridge the past and the present in a future-savvy way.

While many tend to believe that CHANEL’s elegant fashion profile matches luxurious places and upscale occasions better than anything, the CHANEL Cruise 2019/20 promotional video proves otherwise. A train station and all its literal and aesthetic “paraphernalia”, from the passengers and their luggage to the train itself, create a scenery which suggests that when it comes to style everything is a matter of perspective. Airy figures in quality fabrics, calm or vigorous movements, urban style and classic chic coexist in a fruitful combination that allows different attitudes to blend and evolve. In order to reach the CHANEL core you don’t have to own a strict identity. You only need to be original and true to yourself.

Comfort, functionality, sophistication, all adorned with unapologetic modernity. Virginie Viard imagines a powerful woman fully aware of her potential, travelling from one place to another with an open mind. From tweed jackets to romantic long dresses in white lace, CHANEL Cruise makes it clear that everything is possible as long as you do it with style.

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