Personal Data Protection Declaration


The present Data Protection Declaration describes the personal data that we collect for your account, how do we use and protect them, as well as the options you have regarding the way we use these data. The purpose of this Declaration is to inform you about the police of the Company regarding the personal data that you provide us, in order for you to know why we process them, to be aware of the category of recipients and the procedures you can follow to exercise your legal rights.

  1. What personal data do we collect about you?
    The provision of the following personal data is in no case compulsory.

    Title We collect your title, for Communication purposes.
    First and last name We collect your first and last names to create your personal Profile, as well as for Communication purposes.
    Telephone We collect your telephone number in order to be able to directly contact you if necessary.
    E-mail address We collect your e-mail address to allow direct communication, to send you information, if you choose so, and to send you Invitations to events organized by LINEA PIU.
    Postal address We collect your home address to send you information or promotional material if necessary, as well as Invitations to events organized by our company.
    Postal code Country We collect your postal code and your country of residence, in order to have your complete postal address.
    Date of birth
    We collect your date and month of birth in order to be able to send you birthday wishes.
    Means of communication We ask you to indicate us the way(s) we can communicate with you (e-mail, telephone or instant messaging).
    Social Media We collect the address of your page in the social networking sites (Facebook and Instagram) in order to call you and connect with you.
  2. How do we collect your personal data?
    We collect your personal data when you fill in the present Data Form.

  3. To whom are your personal data disclosed?
    We do not transfer your personal data to any third party but only to those who we cooperate with and who are necessary or facilitate the provision of our services to you, but always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal data will not be illegally processed, i.e. will not be processed for other purposes than the above transfer. Within the framework of our activities, we use third party providers, such as the company E-Productions and the Mailchimp service which provide services for our account, as well as companies for the delivery of promotional gifts and ordered items. We inform you that the above categories of recipients of your personal data are processors for our account and therefore as such they do not proceed with any processing of your data other than for the above transfer purposes.

    In any case, our Company will not sell or otherwise transfer or disclose the personal data of the visitors/users of its website to third parties, except the above mentioned, without the consent of the visitor/user, with the exception for the application of the relevant legal requirements and only to the competent authorities.

    In any case the access of unauthorized persons, including our employees, to your personal data is prohibited.

  4. Why do we use (process) your personal data?
    The Company collects, keeps and processes only the personal data that are Strict minimum and necessary ones for achieving the each time processing purpose. We use your personal data for the following purposes:

    1. To carry out the order of our products/ services, i.e. to provide our services and products to you, which is based on the conclusion and implementation of an agreement or upon your express request, preliminary actions for concluding and implementing an agreement;
    2. For Direct Marketing and/or Promotional Actions, such as Invitations to events or e-mails regularly sent to those who have subscribed to our Newsletter. In each Newsletter, the recipients have the possibility to declare that they do not wish to receive any other Newsletter from us. This is also possible by sending an e-mail to;
    3. o make a profile following your consent in order to personalize our services and products;
    4. To perform analysis, using statistical procedures, in order to create and provide personalized offers;
    5. In the event that the processing of your personal data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests or for complying with the national and/or EU legislation.
  5. How long do we keep your personal data?
    To carry out the order for our products/services, we will keep your personal data over a period of time strictly necessary for fulfilling this purpose and for fully satisfying your requests regarding each order placed. For the purposes of Direct Marketing / Promotional Actions we will keep your personal data for seven (7) years, during which you have all the rights provided for in point 8 hereof. If after the lapse of this 7-year period, you will not grant your consent to keep your data, they will be deleted. Our company may continue storing your personal data over a longer period of time if this is required to protect its legitimate interests regarding any possible liability relevant to the provision of the Service.

    • Access to your personal data is limited only to the number of the persons authorized for the specific purposes.
    • The IT systems used to process the data ensure that access is only permitted to the persons authorized for that purpose.
    • Access to the said IT systems is monitored in order to promptly identify and prevent any unauthorized access;
    • Use of IT systems and PC software installed in order minimize the use of the user’s personal data and/or identification data;
    • Adoption of various procedures for keeping personal data and safely delete/destroy them;
    • Regular (annual) check to deactivate inactive accounts.

  6. Guarantees regarding the protection of your data
    When you provide us your personal data, we take measures in order to ensure that they are safely kept and managed. To protect your personal data we take sufficient physical, technical and organizational measures to protect them. We update and check the safety technologies we constantly use. We limit access to your personal data only to those of our employees and shops of our network who need to be aware of these data in order to provide you the products and services we want. Moreover, we train all our employees about who important the confidentiality and safety of your personal data is. We have implemented, among others, the following technical and organizational measures and procedures to protect your personal data from any loss, alteration, unlawful processing or modification:

  7. Your rights
    You may exercise your following rights in accordance with the terms and specific provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679:

    1. Right of access to your personal data that we process, as well as to information pertaining to their processing.
    2. Right to rectify your personal data, i.e. right to rectification of any inaccurate data.
    3. Right to object to the processing of your personal data in the event of legitimate interests, including your right to object to the automated processing of your data for direct marketing purposes.
    4. Right to restriction of processing of your personal data, i.e. to request to suspend the processing provided that you question the accuracy of the data, you object to their processing or other grounds provided for in the relevant Greek or European Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data is applicable.
    5. Right to receive your personal data that you have provided to us with your consent, in order to use them elsewhere.
    6. Right to erasure of your personal data without any unreasonable delay upon your relevant request, under the conditions set in the Greek and European legislation in force on the Protection of Personal Data.
    7. Right to withdraw consent. In the event that the processing of your personal data is made on the grounds of your prior consent, you have also the right to withdraw your consent at any time or to modify your level of consent, while this will not affect the legality of the processing made prior to the withdrawal of your consent.
    8. Right of information about violation incidents.
    9. Right to lodge a complaint with the competent Greek independent authority, namely the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, in the event of illegal processing of your data, to the e-mail address:

  8. Transfer of personal data outside the EU
    The personal data that we collect from you are not transferred nor are processed outside the European Union.

  9. How to contact us?
    You can contact us for any inquiry regarding the processing of your personal data or for exercising your rights, by using the electronic communication form that you may find on our website. You can also contact your Data Protection Officer by sending an e-mail to
    We would like to thank you for your trust and choices that make us even more willing to always offer you the best product and services quality.